FS: XBOX 360 Premium + 4 games and extras

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I am selling my xbox 360 premium, I've had it for 2 weeks, has only been played for about 10 hours. Like new condition.

It comes with 4 games...
Call of duty 2 - xbox 360
Test Drive: Unlimited - xbox 360
*Halo 2 - xbox
*Tiger Wood's PGA tour 2005 - xbox 

*xbox 360's can play xbox games, if you didn't know.*

It has a 1 year Product replacement plan at Gamestop, which i will include in the package.

Asking $450 shipping included.  I live in Northeast PA, and am willing to drive ~1.5 hours, if nessecary, for a pick up. In which case, it will only be $425.

Money orders only please.

Thanks  :)
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Not ALL, theres a List posted on, most of the popular ones though.
Sorry i didnt get back to you sooner! I don't know why it didnt show up in my unread threads thing!
I'm selling it mainly because I don't make enough money to do what i want to my car and buy a new game every month or two.

It's really fun though, I wish i could afford to keep it, but I want my car to be my first priority.

I could meet you half-way or even in allentown if it's a problem for you to get up here, let me know!
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