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Just like the topic says, im selling my Xbox. It is in mint condition as it was in my Showcar Mazda 3 and i only used it at carshows a couple of times. So its in like

brand new condition. It is the newer version xbox, in case you didn't know, there are two versions, when the cd tray slides out, some have one circle, the others

have 2, the ones with one circle cannot read burned cds/dvds, however the ones with the 2 circles CAN read burned cds/dvds, which is the one i have. Along with

the xbox I have 3 controllers, a black one, blue one, and a green/black Eclipse controller. I also have the DVD playback kit which you need to play DVDs. And

finally I have 11 games:
- Tom Clancy Ghost Recon
- Tom Clancy Rainbow Six 3
- Tom Clancy Rainbow Six 3 Black Arrow
- Tom Clancy Splinter Cell
- Need For Speed Underground
- Need For Speed Underground 2
- Need For Speed Underground Most Wanted
- Forza Motorsports
- Midnight Club II
- Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4
- Halo

I have ALL of the original cases and manuals for all the games.

I am looking for $250 shipped. I will have this up until this weekend, if it doesnt sell by then its going on ebay.
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