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Hey Forum,

I'm cleaning my room and thought I could maybe sell these two Bearcats Scanners. They are pretty cool. You hear all kinds of things from "...there's a fire in a house 10-4..." to " that all in your order? that will be $6.95 sir'..."

The Bearcat BC350A goes for $68.00 + Shipping. I'm asking for $60.00 shipped.

the Bearcat BC60XLT I got it for $100.00. I'm asking for $50.00 shipped. Comes with a carrying case.

***Both of them come with the AC Adapter to power the unit. ***




This is for the BC350A:

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for the 2nd one, how do u wire it? is there a speaker for it?
Yep. there's a 1/4" (the headphone jack) I believe in the back of the unit. Wow I forgot, I'll throw in a Radio Shack External Speaker that works with both of them. I'll post pics in a few minutes.

ok and the 2nd one need a pretty big antenna though doesnt it?
I just found the hard (direct) wire for the power of the BC350A, so that you can run the scanner in your car. Also I found the car antenna that is basically an antenna in a cable so you can hide it in a pillar like I did. I used to have a 8ft Marine antenna in my house and I live in PR and one time I heard a transmition of Virginia Police (that's where I heard the fire-house thing).

SEE the other PICS..

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