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Airsoft Pistol

"This USP Tactical .40 S&W incorporates a fully-adjustable rear sight, a higher-profile front sight (so as to be visible above the suppressor), an extended threaded barrel (14mm CW) allows easy attachment of a silencer. Rail adapter pre-installed. Authentic markings on the pistol." - Redwolf

I'm selling this gun plus a G&P SOCOM silencer. This gun is BRAND NEW, only one mag through it. If you get it from Redwolf or some other overseas retailer, it is going to cost you $144, add shipping which costs around $170. The silencer cost $30 bucks. I'm selling it for $180 shipped to your house! Its a good deal. PLEASE buy it from me, as I really need the money.

picture from Redwolf

PM or email me for details
contact me at [email protected]
AIM: imh3rmann
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