FS: Sony PSP Gaming System + Upgrades

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Alright, so here's the deal: currently, I'm in school, majoring in one of the hardest majors: engineering. College has been quite a wake-up for me, since I breezed through high school, not being challenged at all. Now, that I'm in school, taking tough classes, the times have changed, and I don't have time to play as much, video game wise. The below system is in PERFECT condition, and has been in it's case, within the box, whenever not being used. Besides the system, it comes with all the manuals, the sample disc, the original box, the cleaning cloth, never been opened, the power cord, the wrist holder, and the soft shell case. The upgrades that I invested in it include the 1.0 GB Scan Disk Pro Duo, allowing for more storage, which retails for 59.99 + shipping, and the Datel X2 Upgraded Battery, lasting 2-3 times longer then the OEM battery, allowing for longer gameplay, listening to music, or watching movies/videos, which retails for 29.99 + shipping. The PSP, used, is currently selling for 149.99 + on eBay, so this, IMO, is a STEAL.

Currently, I also have 3 games FS in another thread, but am willing to do a package deal with the PSP, to which the price can be worked out. The games are pictured, are also in mint condition.

Pics below, feel free to post any questions/PM me, and I'll get back to you ASAP. Thanks for looking :D

PRICE - $215 OBO


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what firmware version is this psp? 1.50 and 1.0X ones are like worth big bucks.......
I forgot how to check, that's how long ago it was played, lol. Remind me, and I'll check. I know it's an early model, so it might be. That'd kick ass.
Going on eBay tomorrow, I need this thing to move. I've got a PS2 I'm planning on selling, too, PM me if interested.
ah, my bad... I guess they went down in price since people found a way to "downgrade" PSPs to earlier firmware versions... and then there is a general mis-trust of people selling PSPs that claim to be 1.50 when they're really not.

Anyway, it seems a bit over $200 is worthwhile for a good-condition PSP 1.50 that's a true 1.50.... especially with the mem card, battery, etc.
Ah, I see. Well, it's on eBay, so if anyone wants the link, post up. Same with the PS2.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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