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So I actually sold this on ebay, and I got 875 for it (with shipping), but the lady that bought it backed out and bottom line is I hate ebay.

Im selling a brand new, in box, still sealed PS3 60Gb, for $875 shipped anywhere in the continental US. I can arrange shipping elsewhere but its extra. This price is consistent with market price (maybe even a little under, if you go by ebay)

anyways, as previous ps3 threads have read. Please only post serious buyers.

Otherwise, heres a picture

Yah I know the date is like a week ago, but its still sitting right here (these pics were for the auction and I dont feel like taking more)

In a few days, if this is not sold, I will try auctioning it again, but I prefer doing business with people I trust (more than ebay peopel).

Id also consider a trade that was for a 360 premium + cash
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