FS: Sirius Sat. Radio Starmate (Aftermarket) Tuner

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I have a Sirius Starmate Tuner for sale was used for a couple of months and is in excellent condition. It is a great unit which is very small and only requires the power cable and little 1" antenna to work it does not use a tuner box that you hide anywhere. Here are some of the features:

SIRIUS Starmate Receiver with Car Kit ST1RStarmate is the most compact, integrated SIRIUS plug 'n' play to date. Digital-quality sound! Coast-to-coast coverage! And commercial-free music! Twenty-four hours a day, SIRIUS satellite radio sends out more than 100 streams of music, sports, news and entertainment to the 48 contiguous United States and up to 200 miles offshore for boaters. • Unique channel toggle switch • Integrated connectivity for antenna, audio/headphone out, FM out and power • Headphone volume control • Compact 3-line display • 30 channel presets • S-Seek • Wireless remote control • Integrated FM transmitter with 100 frequency selections • Package includes car kit accessories: car antenna, suction cup mount and DC power adapter.
and heres my picture:


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Do you have any installed pictures to give me(or us) an idea of where the joint was mounted? Real question is... how does it play from the stero system if only plugged in for power and has antenna to pick waves?

i did until i cleared my computer, but I had it where the air bag light is with velcro first then I put it where the stock screen goes (i have an aftermarket headunit) so you can see the screen only. It has a built in fm transmitter which is very clear for fm its stonger than any ipod one and uses many fm signals even in the 100's. You can also use line in becuase it has a port for it.
thanks, yeah I believe i bought it for like $100
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Im ignornat, what does it cost to get it working, do you pay a subscription?

yeah its like $12/month or you can pay for a year or more for cheaper, got to...
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