FS: PS2 Steering Wheel w/ Pedals & Gamecube w/ Games

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Decided to sell my steering wheel off, and saw my Gamecube in my entertainment center...I never use it so here it goes!

Bundled Price for everything $200 + $12 USPS Priority Shipping (US Preferred - PM for Canada)

PS2 Steering Wheel w/ Pedals (Pics Below): $75

The really cool thing right off the bat is that the bottom half of the steering wheel is a regular controller!  This is the reason I bought it, although honestly, I never got time to sit around and use it.  I think its been used like 3-4 times.  I played grand theft auto with it and the controller wheel combo worked great!  GT4 was ultra fun too.  Comes with leg braces or can sit at rest. 
If you can tell by one of the blurry pics, there are side pedals on the steering wheel if you dont want to use the foot pedals.  A unique feature which I am sure anyone will enjoy.

Gamecube w/ AC & Shielded Video Cables Included (Pics Below): $150

Black...Barely used...

Metriod Prime 1 (I think I played this twice)
Metroid Prme 2 (I played this once - multi-player was fun on my brothers setup)
Defender (Never played it...)
Soul Calibur 2 (played...loved it..done with it)

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how much for metroid prime echoes? please PM me the answer as i might forget that i left this request.
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