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I have for sale a Panasonic Palmcorder

Palmsight PV-L550

I rarely use this now, has been sitting in the closet for over a year, works perfectly, has 2 batteries and all the stuff that came with it including battery charger station and av cables.

The side LCD screen is great 2.5 inches and it will swival 360 degrees. I took alot of home videos with this palmcorder.

I am selling it in hopes someone else will get some use out of it, + I need money to buy some springs.

I am asking $80 + shipping.

I can accept Paypal after I confirm who is buying.

Please PM if interested.

Here is some detailed info on the Palmcorder.

Product details
Product Type Camcorder
Width 4.6 in
Depth 7.1 in
Height 4.3 in
Weight 2.2 lbs
LCD display - TFT active matrix - 2.5" - color


2.5" Color LCD monitor
VHS Compatibility
18x Hi-Definition Zoom / 150x Digital Zoom
2-Second Quick Zoom
Digital Electronic Image Stabilization
Built-in Auto Light
Full-Size Video Head Cylinder
Color Digital Fade
Programmed Recording
Auto Titler / Phrase Titler
Auto Daylight Saving Time
Preset Date/Time with Time Zone Select
Self-Demo Mode

l8x Hi-Definition Zoom Lens:

Panasonic Palmcorder camcorders are equipped with a lens capable of either a 18:1 optical zoom. This powerful feature acts like a telescope to produce extraordinary close-up shots, superior in clarity to those provided by digital zoom, so you won't miss a single detail. Panasonic camcorders also offer four different zoom speeds, so you can go from wide angle to full telephoto zoom in two to 16 seconds.

l50x Digital Zoom:

Through the use of digital technology, the zoom ratio on Panasonic camcorders can be increased to an amazing 150:1. After the highest optical zoom setting is reached, the digital zoom automatically takes over, magnifying the image by blowing up pixels to give you an incredibly close shot.

Digital Electronic Image Stabilization (D-EIS)

Panasonic invented Digital EIS to compensate for unintentional hand and camcorder movement to help stabilize your recordings, even when you're recording as a passenger from a moving vehicle or while walking.

Built-In Auto Light

Since this year all VHS-C Panasonic Palmcorder camcorders have a built- in color enhancement light that functions according to brightness conditions, there's no need to mount an accessory light for recording in dim lighting. The main benefit is improved picture quality in facial color and tint when shooting in low light levels. And because the light is powered by the camcorder battery, there's no need to carry an extra battery for it.

Full-Size Video Head Cylinder

You can expect outstanding picture quality in your recordings since the video head cylinder in our camcorders is the same size as the cylinder in VHS VCRs. When played back on VHS decks, or in the camcorder, the picture is crisp, clear, and steady. You can see the difference in the size of the cylinders by opening the cassette door on any Palmcorder and comparing it to other brands.


Panasonic knows that you can never have too much security. That's why all year 2000 VHS-C Palmcorder camcorders are equipped with MotionSensor, a simple home security feature. When using MotionSensor the camcorder will start recording within seconds of perceiving motion, and stop 30 seconds after motion ceases. The date and time are automatically recorded on the tape as an added benefit.

Auto Titler/Phrase Titler

On each of 10 specific holidays, our Palmcorder camcorders will automatically display a related title from among a built-in list. An unwanted title can be cleared from the picture with the repeated push of the TITLE button. You can also manually choose and insert a title of your choice for a birthday, anniversary, or other special occasion, or even select from a list of 10 commonly used phrases.

Pics below.


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[quote author=gdnimrod link=topic=76137.msg1377928#msg1377928 date=1178029334]
Im interested in making some home-made porn, did the videos come out ok when you tried?

:bananahump: :boink: :goodjob: :woah: :chuckles: :nono:

I'm in a good mood, so that struck me as funny.
By the way I never made any porn with the camera but I will wipe it down with Alcohol if it makes you feel better

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Ok I am lowering the price 1 more time, just because there is something I really want to buy and the auction ends in 2 days, dropping the price to $80.00 + shipping.

Somebody buy this, It's in great condition.
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