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I've upgraded to a Samsung a950 after my v710 died on me.

Asking price is $25US + shipping

Complete package consists of:

  • OEM Motorola car charger
    OEM data cable - transfer data from your phone to your PC
    OEM stereo headphones - listen to your music stored on your phone
    OEM FM Headphones - listen to FM stations with your phone
    v710 Cellet Case w/clip
  • Motorola Phone tools Software - Compatible with Outlook, Outlook express, Lotus notes*...
                                                     Synchronize your phonebook, calendar and tasks.
                                                     Use the two-pane contact and calendar view for simplified management.
                                                     Image and ringtone editing*
                                                     Edit and modify your Image Studio before transferring them to your phone. Also create ringtones using your favorite audio CD track.
                                                     Multimedia Messaging (MMS) sending*
                                                     Prepare, edit and send your MMS to your friends.
                                                     Video Studio*
                                                     Download your personal videos taken with your phone and edit them. Then you can show them to your friends with sound, track and titles added!
    Software can be updated to the latest version via internet.

The accessories may work on other Motorola phones such as the e815 and the ROKR. Please check compatibility first.
Also comes with a CD that contains hundreds of wallpaper/sound files, etc to customize your phone.


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PayPal is ok
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