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DVD-ROM/CD-RW Drive for a Laptop - Came out of a Gateway *works

Laptop RAM also came out of 2 different Gateway lappies *works
1 x Hynix PC2700S 256MB DDR 333MHz CL2.5
1 x TwinMOS PC2700 256MB DDR SO-Dimm CL2.5
2 x Hynix PC2100S 128MB DDR 266MHz CL2.5

**SOLD*on other forum* HP Pavilion 533w Computer Tower - 2ghz Celeron, 256MB Ram, 50GB HD, WinXP, CDRW/DVD, Onboard Vid/nic/USB ports/Sound ect.. *works just fine boots up quick and has fresh OS install + key and registered legally with SP2

i got more stuff but ill add it later - just make your offer in here and ill get to ya asap.
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