FS: mazda jacket

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This is the jacket from the GB here

This is size medium. It runs a hair small.. and more of a jacket that is designed to sit on your waist. I was expecting something a little longer in style. Just to give perspective, i'm 5'5-6", 165lbs (too many gryos). It's also a fairly warm I think (and this was the light option). But this is subjective since in the winter, I rarely ever wear a "winter coat."

$67 shipped USPS priority mail (you don't get the hanger), I'll eat my losses on this. Canada/HI/AL... well, as of now, I'd rather stick to the US, but that might change. I prefer paypal, but will only ship to verified addresses, and accept MO's as well.

as always, I'm [email protected] and [email protected]
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The jacket was only sold to Mazda 3 owners :lol:
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