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I have for sale some Klipsch Home Theater Speakers not even a year old. Klipsch has been around since 1947 and are American made. They are also used in 1 in 2 movie theaters so if you are looking for movie theater sound, look no further. I have a Klipsch C2 Center channel for sale, a pair of Klipsch B-2 bookshelf speakers, and a Klipsch 10" subwoofer that will shake the house. Below are pictures. There is no cosmetic damage to the speakers, and they are in perfect working condition.

Klipsch MSRP

Sub 10- $400.00
Pair of B-2 Bookshelves $236
c-2 Center channel $250
Monster sub cable $50

Total New price = 936 + Tax, close to a grand.

Im willing to get rid of this system for 600 shipped. Price is somewhat negotiable.
I will piece it out also, but the bookshelves will go out as a pair.

Please contact me if you have any questions on the products.

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