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It is brand new and looking for $75 shipped obo

Kenwood's iPod™ adapter is the gateway to taking your tunes on the road! Kenwood's KCA-iP500 iPod adapter is an easy to install, easy to use adapter that lets you operate and control your iPod with most 2000 and up Kenwood CD changer-controlling receivers. Most Kenwood stereos will display up to eight characters of text including album, artist and song names, with the ability to scroll additional information. When your iPod is docked to the KCA-iP500, the adapter will even charge the internal battery of the iPod — giving you plenty of juice in the battery when you reach home, the office, running errands, or anywhere you take your iPod! With select 2005 Kenwood receivers, the adapter has enhanced features including multi-line text and list search, taking advantage of the larger displays. The KCA-iP500 adapter also takes full advantage of Kenwood's built-in sound enhancement features, such as System Q and System E's. Plug-in your Apple iPod™ into a Sirius-ready Kenwood receiver and you are ready to play. Compatible with 3rd and 4th generation iPods, as well as the iPod Mini and iPod Photo. Includes 3 ft. Kenwood K-Bus interface cable and 8 ft. iPod cable with dock connector.

Operate your iPod™ with your Kenwood CD changer-controlling receiver
Charges your iPod battery when connected
Displays file text including album, artist, and song names, with the ability to scroll additional information (depending on receiver model)
Select 2005 Kenwood receivers provide enhanced features including multi-line display and list search
Use your Kenwood receiver's built-in sound enhancement features to custom-tailor your iPod tunes
Compatible with most 2000 and newer Kenwood receivers that have CD changer controls - Click Here For a Compatibility Table
Connects to 3G, 4G, Mini, and Photo iPods (not Shuffle)

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