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Ok, I really shouldn't buy DVD TV shows anymore.. I never watch them.. no matter how much of a fan I am.

Alias: season 4 and 5 are shrink wrapped. Barely used otherwise. Not perfect, but it's not like I let cats loose on it.

Simpsons: S7 and S9 are shrink wrapped, and the rest follow the same deal, opened to barely watch. THIS IS MISSING SEASON 8. I somehow skipped that. But it's everything else between 1 and 9

Alias $50 shipped and paypaled
Simpsons $135 shipped and paypaled.

At this time, I'm not particularly willing to split it up yet. I need the money, but currently not enough to do 13 individual shippings. Plus, after all the extra shipping costs, I might as well keep em all.

Paypal verified preferred (and shipped only to verified address). MO's will need to clear first. References under [email protected] and [email protected][url=]heatware[/url]

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