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I got these from to replace the stock ambers that were behind clear lenses on my MSP, but they are a bit too orange for my taste, and not as bright as the stock bulbs. All bulbs are brand new, save for a minute or so of test usage. The bulbs are from if you want to reference for price, etc.

I'm pretty sure these will fit some place or another on a 3, but here is a link if you want to check for sure

All of these prices are for a pair of bulbs--if you buy more than one pair, I'll knock off $1 for each additional pair you buy.

Oh yeah, all prices are for shipping to the US. Please add a buck if you're in Canada ;)

2x Amber 1156 (single filament bayonet style) $6 shipped

2x Amber 1157 (dual filament bayonet style) $6 shipped

2x HyperWhite 7440 (wedge-style) $6 shipped

2x Amber 194 (small wedge-style) $6 shipped

I also have a pair of Red LED 10mm neo-wedge instrument cluster bulbs for $3 shipped
I have no idea if these will go in the 3, but apparently the MSP needs the 12mm style... :(

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