fs: Apple Ipod Nano 2gb

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I am selling my ipod nano 2gb(white) This ipod was only used for 3 months and in great working condition. I am selling this ipod only because my cousin is giving me his old video ipod. I am asking $130 shipped to your door(US only) Any questions please feel free to ask. I am also inculding free the belkin leather case (a $30 value)

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[quote author=jdesclafani link=topic=43718.msg649220#msg649220 date=1144248852]
how many songs does this hold??
the box says 500 songs
[quote author=RaGe link=topic=43718.msg650640#msg650640 date=1144305573]
where did you buy it from?
best buy
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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