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Basically, the title says it all... it's an AEM Dryflow filter with a 2.75"ID x 1" flange. The filter element is 6" diameter at the base, 5" at the top, and 5" long, and the flange sticks out about 1.5" from the base.

I originally purchased it from to use with a modified Simota SRI, but that intake didn't like being messed with, so I had to abandon the project. I only had the filter on the intake for about 50 miles, so it is in virtually new condition... exceptionally clean, as you can see from the pics:

I'm asking $30+shipping, and that will get you the filter and clamp in the original box, and even the silver AEM stickers that came with it :D

EDIT: This item has been listed on Ebay with a "Buy-It-Now" price of $31.95 including free shipping. If you're interested in purchasing, please do it through my auction listing here: (the auction ends 6/25/06 at about 9:30pm)

Thanks! :D
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