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18" Motegi MR7 Performance Wheels
[sub]*Silver Alloy Color.
*Size 18x7.5, Offset +45, Backside 6, Bolt Pattern 5x100 & 5x4.5, Weight 27.5 lbs/wheel.
*Average price is $180 a wheel or $720 for a set
*The lugs are around $100 with 2 keys, 1 key for for 4 lugs and 1 key for 1 lug per wheel, comes with extra set of lugs.
*Wheels are showing average wear of scratches/scuffs from typical driving, I rate 7-8.5 on a scale of 10.
*one wheel shows a small bent which is not visible unless up close and viewed at an angle.
*all wheels are in good condtion, drives fine, and holds air perfectly.[/sub]

Hankook Ventus V4ES H105 Tires
[sub]*Ultra-High Performance All Season, V and W-Rated, 225/40/18.
*Road Hazard Warranty with Hankook.
*Additional warranty through GoodYear dealership that covers road hazards (nails, potholes, etc). I paid $47.80 for this service.
*Tires are good/mint condition, I only put around 1000 miles on them.
*Balanced on June 9th, 2006 for $30 (ready to be mounted on another mazda3).
*Average retail is around $120 a tire or $480 a set.
*I paid $90 a tire or $360 a set for these Hankook tires w/ employee discount.[/sub]

Selling these because my 17"s gives a smoother ride with my long distance commutes. The 18"s rides stiffer but has a better look.

Asking $650/OBO, shipping and handling charges is around $100-$150 I imagine.. my zip is 64055, so you can use UPS or USPS to calculate s/h charges.

I will ask UPS or USPS for them to pack it or whatever the procedure may be for large items.. buyers will pay the packing charges as well.

You can come pick it up too which saves you s/h charges.

First come, First Serve.. whatever forms of transaction works, paypal is probably easiest/safest or whichever you prefer. First time selling item on a forum~
Apologize for any confusion and thank you for looking.

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