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I want to get a new sub for my car, because the L5 is just to much for the type of music i listen to. Its a great sub though and really hits. Ive been using it for about 2 years but it has not been abused. I have always get the gain on my amp to 40% or less. Like i said this sub is too much for what i want so i always kept the levels down. The enclosure is always made by kicker and is really made well. This thing is heavy though. I think it is anywhere between 50-75 lbs. The sub is in perfect condition and the box is as well. The box does show some wear on the carpet from vibrations but other then that it is just a little dirty.

Im asking 150+shipping but make me an offer and ill let you know. These retail for about $400 now and this large of a ported box from kicker is hard to find. Also, local pickup is an option and i would prefer it since the box is big and heavy, i will ship though.

Here is a pic.


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