Front Grill W/O ford Oval

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...hope you guys like my grill.... :rhigareda:
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Details please. Where, how much, install, etc. By the way, I like it.
That is sweet. I'd like to know some detials too.
OOPS forgot to mention on there......i uhmm used paint :doh:(i know its not as fancy as photo shop) to remove the ford actually making my own grill and looks just like that and it will be made of aluminum....i already made one but like anything that is made without detail planing leaves you short in one side oops. i want to sell my product for $100 and i can tell you from the 1st one i made i know it will look just like the original but with out the ford oval...looking forward to showing you the REAL PICTURES....
That's what Ford should have done in the beginning.

When the Fusion was consumer-tested before being released, it ranked first against the Accord and Camry, when there was no "Ford" badging. When the Ford badging was added, it ranked third. So why put a big "Ford" on the grill?
Damn, I thought it was too good to be true! I was wondering if it was real or just a photo-edited teaser pic.
Now, after looking at your pic more then looking at my car, the big-ass blue oval kinda seems like a honking Bozo nose on my car. I want a clean grill like you created on your computer! Then I will debadge the rest of the car.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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