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As far as I know, Accords are not sold to fleets. Camrys, yes, but Honda doesnt sell Accords to fleet sales. That's why most people consider the Honda Accord to be the best selling midsize sedan in the country because Camry sales also include fleet sales while Accord sales have no fleet sales.

If I'm incorrect, I apologize, but thats what I recall.

By the way, I'm in love with the Fusion. I love the style, the dynamics, and the price.

I priced out my top three cars: Chevy Cobalt SS Sedan, Mazda 3 Grand Touring Sedan, and Ford Fusion I4 SEL and they're almost dead on in price.

When we sell our house in Chicago, I'll test out all 3 and finally make a decision on which one to get. In my opinion, they're all three really good cars that deliver a good combination of performance and economy. The Fusion excites me because it prices out the same and its a bigger car that looks just as sporty, but not as sporty as a Mazda6. It's a solid combo of sport and luxury.
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