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From fords 2007 Ford Fusion description ..
221-hp V6 and 6-Speed Automatic Transmission

Fusion delivers 221 horses from the
available V6 and 6-speed automatic
transmission. Here's what each
brings to the table: The 3.0L
24-valve Duratec V6 FWD gets an
estimated 20 city/28 highway mpg.*
While the first-in-class, 6-speed
automatic transmission offers four
valves per cylinder and dual
overhead camshafts with intake
variable cam timing (iVCT) to
enhance engine breathing and

*EPA estimated.
Someone either had a great sense of humor,
or didn't peer review with anyone that knows cars.


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[quote author=RymanH24 link=topic=87073.msg1661449#msg1661449 date=1187804104]
lol, with a transmission like that i should be supercharged haha

Yes you should be LOL
That is funny. I see things like that all the time. In my advanced computers class(2 years) in high school I learned how to correct mistakes like that. It's actually really easy to fix. Typos are easy to make, I make them too, but this is why anything that will be posted or published needs to be proof read.
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