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i would like a pair in white

hello ide like a set..

plz bill me @ [email protected]

A fellow member of your community contacted me wanting Decals made for your forum. We went thru a few things and got it worked out. And with the help of your great Mods, here we go..

A Group Buy with a twist. No minimums. $7 a pair of decals shipped. Canada, eh maybe throw me .50c extra, Im not sure on that shipping. But if anything more then that Ill cover it. It isnt a new style decal but I think this represents you guys pretty well. In the future we may be able to work on more designs.

Here goes a sample.

It will be 6" as thats what I have read is perfect for your rear quarter glass and what has been available. Colors will be any PAIR of the following colors:
Bubblegum Pink
Lime Green
Black (Gloss)

I can post color samples if needed. I am due for a new order of vinyl so if there is anything that you guys may want seen just let me know. If enough interest is present I will grab some. But if its specialty like camo then of course I would need a good amount of interest as I dont generally carry that.

I accept paypal or if you dont have that then USPS M.O will due. But it will have to be cashed first.

Request your colors and amount here. I will keep this page updated. I will PM you my paypal and we will track your shipping that way. Remember this is for a PAIR. If you request 2, then I will assume its 2 pair. (4 decals) Any questions feel free to PM me, post on here, whatever it takes.. Ill respond as soon as I get to it.
Thanks everybody.
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