Ford Manuals on CD

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I have Ford service manuals on cd for 94-5,2000,2001 cars. What I need, and probably others on this site,is a cd for the 2006 Ford cars.Can anyone help out?? 8)
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Let me see what I can do...I have some laying around.
I have the new FoMoCo service CD from Helm for the Fusion, Milan, Zephyr.
Mine are from guidereader.dll (info access)so that they are compatible with each other and go in as an add on-they also have the FORD logo and have indepth info on all ford cars for that year---let me know if yours are the same and I could get a copy--THANKS
where can I get a copy of the cd my manuals are in spanish and some of it is very difficullt to understand especially the bit about voice control don`t understand that at all
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