Ford Introduces Ford Interceptor Concept

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Our original gallery of Interceptor images was a big hit with the clicks last week, despite containing only six images of Ford's brash rear-wheel drive, Mustang-based sedan concept. If you liked those images, you'll be especially interested in the additional eight images of the concept that Ford released today, including plenty of interior shots and a view of the 4.6-liter Cammer V8 all dressed up in concept trim.

This is our first view of the Interceptor Concept's interior, and it sports a decidedly retro feel with its simple and straightforward shapes and materials. The most frequently occuring shape inside is called a squircle, basically a square with rounded corners. The steering wheel, speedometer, tach, shifter gate, vents... all squircles.

The dominant surface material inside the Interceptor is black leather, so much so that driving it must feel like going for a ride in Fonzy's jacket pocket. The vast expanse of leather is broken up here and there by silver metal trim and the slightest hint of a caramel-colored stitching. The four bucket seats are all thin, flat curves with no side bolsters of which to speak. Thank goodness each one is equipped with a four-point belt, because driver and passengers will need them if any directional changes are called for. The front headrests retract into the ceiling when the car is parked and fall back down into place when it's time to roll, while a nice, thick center console bisects the interior and houses the short and stubby shifter.

The interior reflects the same theme exhibited by the Interceptor's sheetmetal, which is simplicity. Some have harshed on the car for being derivitive and not overly complicated in its surface features, but that's what we happen to like about it.
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Looks too much like a Chrysler 300. Boz
Are you kidding? That's what I like about it. It looks like across between a Crystler 300C and a Charger! I like the way Crystlers look but, I don't want to have a car that lives in the shop! The looks of a 300C and the Qaulity & durability of a Ford Awsome!!!!....... Oh yeh, That write up is wrong, the power plant is a modified 4.6 V8. It is really a fuel injected 5.0 CID engine! The only reason I didn't buy a mustang was because I have kids. If they build the interceptor I will own a sport sedan!!!
Nope, I wasn't kidding. To me, most everything Chrysler has on the road today looks ugly, except for the Crossfire, the PT Cruiser and the Ram pickups.

The hallmark of a good automobile is how well it still looks five or 10 years after it was introduced. The Chrysler products (not counting Mercedes-Benz) really look bad when that yardstick is used.

Of course that is just one man's opinion. Different strokes for different folks makes the world go 'round. Naturally I'm hoping that the 2006-07 Fusion's bold looks still look a fresh and distinctive down the road, too. Boz
I have to say, I think is a great looking car, the moment I set eyes on it I fell in love with her, alas she's not likely to ever see production, but I hope something like her, or the Companion Lincoln MKR make their way into production somehow. The Fusion took styling cues from the 427 concept, so it could happen...
Im not really a huge fan of that front end. It looks really flat. It reminds me of the front of a semi that has been squished down. Maybe if the grill had smaller bars and a little space between them to break it up a little...
[quote author=dero link=topic=66435.msg3189169#msg3189169 date=1245565662]
Im not really a huge fan of that front end. It looks really flat. It reminds me of the front of a semi that has been squished down. Maybe if the grill had smaller bars and a little space between them to break it up a little...
[/quote]I can see where you're coming from, but I think that the fused bar looks tougher then some of the other iterations we've seen.
Well, almost 3 years later here we are and no sign of it, so I'm going to guess it was just an attention grabbing concept.
Thing is, that Ford cannot and will not produce a four door sedan with anywhere near a Mustang's level of performance for one simple reason:

A performance four door sedan with capabilities near what a Mustang can do would eat the Mustang sales for lunch :shock:

Ford's not stupid, they know that the Mustang lives & dies by its performance numbers. Why do you think that Ford never has to agressively mark down Mustangs? Answer: People buy them for their perfoprmance as much as for their looks (which are stunning, don't get me wrong here)

Besides that, in light of the new reality with respect to gas prices, a V8 in a family sedan just isn't gonna fly anymore.

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