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WHOA, This thing conjures up images of caffeine and nicotine fueled road trips, the KTel 8-track banging away with the requesite matchbook jammed in there to keep it operating smoothly. The nose says Econoline quite clearly, while the rest of Ford's latest CUV concept is inspired by both space capsules and Airstream trailers. While the styling of the exterior and interior may pay some homage to what has passed, the mechanized bits of the Airstream are definitely space-age and forward looking. Once you digest the styling and the high-tech underpinnings, the old camper and Hal 9000 influences converge neatly. We can definitely picture an A-Team edition with matte black paint, a wing on the back and a red stripe down the sides.

More after the jump including a press release, and check out our gallery of high-resolution images.
More, and pics, here:
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