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First time poster, long time visitor to the site! Appreciate all the advice thus far!

Car Details:
  • Ford Fusion 2011 SE
  • 2.5L 4C Engine
  • 116783 Miles

  • The Service AdvanceTrac Warning Light, Check Brake System Warning Light, and TCS Warning Light all activate when the car is started AND is in a Hot environment (odd I know).
  • TCS On/Off button no longer function
Testing (thus far):
  • Computer error code B1342-20 (ECU) Internal Fault Appears
  • Brakes operate normal
  • Emergency Brake operates normal
  • Place car in shade/garage and start vehicle. All warnings lights/errors clear.
  • Issue reappears when car is places in high temp environment (AKA direct sunlight).
    • NOTE: The engine temperature is nominal during this time per the dash reading.
  • Issue occurred after hard freeze/snow storm here in Central Texas.
  • During hard freeze, emergency brake was engaged (parked on a sloping driveway).
    • Disengaged the parking brake and it fell to the console without releasing. My hunch is it was frozen solid.
  • Let the car warm up for quite some time, parking brake finally released.
  • I don't have a temperature threshold where it happens, but it seems to go away under while parked in my garage.
I am mechanically inclined, but will to bring to a mech if out of my wheelhouse. Just looking for the right place to look first. I have seen other posts along the same error, but the temperate correlation seemed unusual so a started a new thread. Feel free to point me to a related post if I overlooked it.

Any advice is appreciated!

Thank you
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