Ford Dealer Can't Get Me Ford Leather Conditioner, Recommend Other ?

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After reading the manual on how important it is to use Ford leather conditioner on my Fusion's seats I find out from my dealer that they can't get Ford leather conditioner for some dumb reason. I wanted to use their product as our seats have a clear protectant on them and I want a product that won't mess with that. They are re-checking for me because I told that is ridiculous that they can't get it, I see it advertised in every accessories brochure. They tell me it is just available in the US.

In the mean time can anyone recommend a good leather conditioner ?, not looking for any cleaner, just a good conditioner that will keep the seats in good shape in the long run.


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Thanks for the info, I'll definitely check it out, sounds pretty good. It should hold me over until my dealer can access the Ford stuff.
I decided to use the Meguiars spray on product, the one with aloe, it is pretty nice, I'll definitely keep on using it, it apparently contains uv protectors as well so it should be a good long term product.
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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