Ford Dealer Can't Get Me Ford Leather Conditioner, Recommend Other ?

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After reading the manual on how important it is to use Ford leather conditioner on my Fusion's seats I find out from my dealer that they can't get Ford leather conditioner for some dumb reason. I wanted to use their product as our seats have a clear protectant on them and I want a product that won't mess with that. They are re-checking for me because I told that is ridiculous that they can't get it, I see it advertised in every accessories brochure. They tell me it is just available in the US.

In the mean time can anyone recommend a good leather conditioner ?, not looking for any cleaner, just a good conditioner that will keep the seats in good shape in the long run.


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I use Meguiars Gold Class Aloe cleaner and conditioner on my leather seats. It works great and doesn't make the seats slick or slimy at all.

I second Meguiar's Gold Class aloe cleaner and conditioner. I've used it every month since I bought my car in April and they keep the seats looking great. Plus, there's no slick/slimy feeling that you get with other cleaners and it smells pretty good too.
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Are you using the wipes or the liquid?

I'm using the liquid/gel. It's the only way the aloe cleaner and conditioner comes. I never had a good experience with any products that come in "wipe" form. I like having the 2 step products, because then I know the leather is being cleaned and conditioned.
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