Ford aims to lead in AWD model sales. 5 more vehicles to have all-wheel-drive

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I found another Ford Fusion website and forums.

They have detailed info on the 2007 Fusion having AWD as a upgrade.

I wonder how it will work without increasing the HP.

Wouldnt it lose alot of power having to drive the rear wheels too?

I hope it sucks, so I dont have to sell mine to get one with AWD...
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It likely will only drive the rear wheels when it detects slip in the front, but it will definitely weigh a bit more, and that will slow the car some.

Without the additional power of the 3.5L V6, there won't be enough benefit to offset the cost for me. It may be different for someone that gets large amounts of snow or rain.
'swut I was thinking...
Could'nt the computer be reprogrammed to send most of the power to the rear? I've heard of guys doing that to the Evo and Scooby. If that were the case it might be worth it.
Re: Ford aims to lead in AWD model sales. 5 more vehicles to have all-wheel-driv

For ford to really compete in the AWD car business they need to get their compact cars in on the trend. The current North American Focus chassis cannot take AWD drivetrains and there are no plans for bringing the excellent EuroFocus chassis over anytime soon due to cost. The Mazda 3 would sell very very well with AWD but the decision was made not to equip the MAzdaSpeed3 with AWD due to cost.

As far as the system in the fusion, it is the basic Haldex system. Variants are used inthe 500/Montego, Volvo vehicles, and Audi A3 and VW's 4Motion (not Quattro). It is kind of front drive biased with a good ability to shift power and torque to the rear. BMW's newest iteratiion of xDrive has 100% of power in the rear wheels till slippage is detected. Porsche is basically doing that with their Turbos and Volvo's R series cars are the same deal. Subaru has it basically split equally all over but it is a VERY basic system no matter what the marketers tell you. The most advanced system is Audi's Quattro which is purely mechanical. As far as the electronic switchers, BMW's xDrive and Volvo R's Haldex system are near the top.
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Re-releasing the Bronco Platform would be pretty sweet.
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