Focus ST Hype Thread

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Ford, however, has stirred our interest by promising that it will reveal information on “the next Focus performance car” at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September
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I dunno, it has less power but it does have a good diet on it, I think its like 200 lbs lighter, and I bet the boost can be upped from stock easily since Ford is still fairly new to the boost game so they are going to be more conservative. Either way it will be a good rivalry car for the Speed 3 as it A) looks better, and B) doesn't come with the Mazda crowd :lol:

But for sure the car is a great platform for mods. I am sure we will see new tunes, new headers, exhaust, bigger turbo, bigger inter-cooler, hopefully an external waste gate instead of the internal one that comes stock, etc.
:shock: Info finally placed on Fords website!!!! I have yet to read through it all but man-o-man is this car gonna be HOT!

Ford really is upping the game in the performance category thats for sure!

EDIT: Comes with optional HID's! :D
I want!!!!!!! :shock:

But not in the yellow, id take white if available ;)
I already have a white one mocked up with a list of external mods already. Its SICK, I :drool: every time I look at it.
Cuz its just a drawing I did to drool over, nothing worth noting :lol:
Ya know, living in the Detroit area has one great advantage:

What you can't see is the fact that there are 3 of em, two directly behind him. And MAN do they sound AMAZING!!! Defiantly one of the best sounding stock cars I have ever heard. Can not wait for these suckers to be released. Oh and if your wondering if they are fast, they are wicked fast, see how one car is blocking em from their cruising speed of 85ish, as soon as he moved out of the way they just took right off, I couldn't believe the pickup those things had when in boost! :drool:
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I have driven the focus st (i cant say for what) but all I can say is they are a awesome car. I would love to own one, if i could ever afford it.
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I have driven the focus st (i cant say for what) but all I can say is they are a awesome car. I would love to own one, if i could ever afford it.

You can afford a Fusion Sport. A Focus ST HAS to be cheaper , soooo why couldn't you afford it ?
I'm planning on buying a house soon, and I got a awesome deal on my sport so it made it affordable.
Look 2 posts up ^ :lol:
Missed it somehow. Ive been seeing them for over a year. I switched buildings at ford but my old building was right up against the track where they enter. When they were testing these cars they sounded so damn good. Dont have that normal 4cyl sound or tone. Just wait till 2015 theres a another focus coming from across the pond
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