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Ford, however, has stirred our interest by promising that it will reveal information on “the next Focus performance car” at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September
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[quote author=Seasonalskier link=topic=194924.msg4113062#msg4113062 date=1316314410]
She will for sure leave me if the ring isn't the next thing.[/quote]

IS NOT even a reason to propose. Jussayin'. Mine pulled the same thing on me.. wanting to get married, or shes basically leaving... and she did leave, after 6.5 years 2 days before closing on a house together. Little did she know I had already built her an engagement ring, and she was to recieve it on the 27th of Nov (our 7 yrs). She didnt think it was coming and couldnt wait, and I didnt stop her. Now she regrets leaving me, as Im living the shit out of the single life. Smacking my forehead like WTF was I ever thinking!? Im 23 bout to be 24.. Marriage would have been the worst decision I had ever made. I know everyone is different. You obvi have the feelings of being ready/committment. I hope youre not doing it, just for her sake of staying. It would just be bad grounds to start a marriage IMO and sounds like a womens manipulation skills at their finest. :2cents:

Best of luck to you!

[quote author=seawolf link=topic=194924.msg4113031#msg4113031 date=1316313534]
If you're happy, she's happy :)

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