Focus ST Hype Thread

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Ford, however, has stirred our interest by promising that it will reveal information on “the next Focus performance car” at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September
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Re: Possible info on the RS or the ST on September 15th.

Yes please!
I want!!!!!!! :shock:

But not in the yellow, id take white if available ;)
[quote author=acedeuce802 link=topic=194924.msg4240872#msg4240872 date=1340064447]
Just found out the Focus ST is over 3200 lbs and has electric power steering. No longer interested.

ouch :lol:
I want to like this car, and I will be excited to drive it but I just dont like how the current focus feels. (in one now for a loaner)
It just feels odd. Maybe just because I am tall and Im used to a bigger car but hell the fusion drives better than what im in.
Who knows this may blow all the fish out of the water but idk if I am on board.
Sad to say.
To me its such a shame they changed it from that orangy color to the bright yellow color it is now. I was set on the origional Tangerine Scream but now I am getting the Oxford White.
Woo go white!
Haha, amen! They just look so beautiful in white. I am dying to place my order, just seems like the time will never come. Especially after my crash :(
Wait what!?
What happened?
That sucks dude :undecided:

I know how you feel.
Things kept coming up when I wanted to get a new vehicle and kept pushing it back.

But once you get it, it will be so worth it :)
Too bad they left the wagon :angry:
Would have considered the wagon if they brought it here.
1 - 13 of 109 Posts
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