Focus ST Hype Thread

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Ford, however, has stirred our interest by promising that it will reveal information on “the next Focus performance car” at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September
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Re: Possible info on the RS or the ST on September 15th.

:wavey: Already looking into it. :lol: I want one BAD!
Why on earth did they put all the time and effort to make the entire interior and exterior beautiful then make this POS the shifter:

When I get one of these if there is no short shifter out for it I will have to cut it all up and fix that terrible shifter.
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ST will make its debut at Frankfurt Show :p Also announced is the ST will NOT be neutered for the US release. We will finally be able to get almost the same exact vehicle that the Europeans get.
I already have an idea for it, I will have to chop it to see how well it looks though. But here is a really cool thing the guys over at focaljet have been up to:

Couple of GREAT ideas in there, but I have an awesome idea for that front grille that I want to do but don't think I will have the nuts to do it. I think it would be awesome to have a "NOM NOM" vinyl put right under that front grille. lol
Thank you Ford, for realizing some of us don't want a babysitter while we are driving and giving us the ability to tell it to kindly go away. :p
In the first instance the ESP works much the same way as the innovative system found in the base model Focus, although for the ST it is tuned to be non-intrusive to the driver. This standard mode supports the driver on all surfaces, whether dry, wet or snowy, giving them the confidence to drive safely no matter what the weather.

The driver can opt to select the second mode, called reduced or wide-slip mode, in which the traction control is turned off. Traction is handled by the driver here, while the ESP is programmed to intrude only as absolutely necessary.

Of course, the ESP system can also be switched off completely resulting in the Focus ST in its purest form, giving full control of the sublime chassis to the driver when is a position to exploit it, such as on a race track. Only the sub-features such as the Enhanced Dynamic Cornering Control (EDCC) remain active, optimising the enjoyment of the Focus ST’s abilities.
Not gonna lie, I want one BAD. But I do have a few other things I need to get/do before I can get a new car. Need to get an engagement ring first (or she will probably leave me :lol:), and get enough saved up for a down payment on a house. Then its look into a new car time. ;)
She will for sure leave me if the ring isn't the next thing. Plus she puts up with enough of my car shit, I figure after almost 6 years of dating me (6 years on the 21st) and putting up with a constant life of nothing but cars and my crazy self, she deserves that ring way more than I deserve the car. :lmao: A few of the guys that have hung out with me at meets can back me up on that one. :lol:
I know right! I am subscribed to 4 different places so I can get the ST news as soon as it comes out. I usually see these videos about 2 minutes after they post :lol:
Check it every morning, they usually get the info before the rest of us. I check there and focusfanatics, they usually give good info.
I only have one problem with that center exhaust. Where do you put the hitch to trailer the jetski for a day on the lake?
What if you don't have the $$ for a 150? Plus could you imagine how fun it would be to be doing 100mph with a trailer :lol: Would scare the crap outta just about everyone on the road!
I noticed that. I want to see more so bad! And I want pics of the engine bay! :drool:
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