Focus ST Hype Thread

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Ford, however, has stirred our interest by promising that it will reveal information on “the next Focus performance car” at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September
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You ALMOST got your priorites right...

-Bada$$ Focus ST-

If you're happy, she's happy :)
Fair enough.

Good luck with that, hope it works out for you ;)
All these clips are like watching Aerobic Strip Tease on video. You're waiting for the unveiling, but it can't come soon enough.
Stick with Focaljet...those guys are always in the know.
Those communities are so awesome...I was saddened to a point to leave the Focus realm because I met a lot of great people on FocalJet and made a few good friends in the process. But the Fusion grew on me and felt more 'grown-up' and that it was the car I should be driving once I found my career job.


That hot-hatch demon inside me misses my old custom-turbo'd ZX3 terribly. When the ST makes it to shore, I will be heading down to my local Spring Hill Ford dealer to ask for a test drive...

The rest will probably be history if that car is anywhere near what the Euro ST is. Center-exit exhaust is soooo sexy :drool:

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On the 1998 F-150, duh!

Sports-cars are not meant for towing.
You're nuts! :lol:
It's the same guy in the same development car...just different edits of his commentary. Why dont they just release the whole thing?!?
I thought we already knew those numbers ... :thinking:
Fair enough. I bet they either raised the RPMs by 500 to reach 250, or slightly revised the air intake.

In any's a great starting point for a highly-modded, impossible-to-drive FWD mean machine :smokinamd:

Though a small part of me is disappointed it has less power than the Mazdaspeed3, I have a feeling it will beat it to (legal freeway speeds) stock-for-stock due to the throttle dithering that car does to manage torque. Ford bothers to put in a good suspension/steering solution.
I'm with Ace that the car is too fat, but it wouldn't be a deal-breaker for me. You can "dial out" some of the fat with the right gearing (see BMW) and the extra weight keeps the car more stable at high-speeds. If it drives as good as "they" say, I would definitely consider it.

If the RS comes, there would be no question.
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