floppy sun visors

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I've had the Fusion SE V6 two weeks and the sun visors will not stay locked in place when turning them down, they just flop out of the holder. Anyone else experiencing this problem? I would think that they could just replace the catch or lock instead of the whole visor. It just needs to be tighter between the two sides of plastic which lock the visor in place.
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actually you do have extenders- just pull out on the visor and it slides along the support arm. it's pretty slick. i found out my '05 grand caravan does it too.
so can we just flip these around and they'll be okay? it's getting real aggravating, i mean come on, it's a freakin sunvisor. my dodge grand caravan visors take at least 10lbs of force to lock them or unlock them.
well, i was planning on it. the only thing i'm worried about is if it will line up with the fabric on the roof liner or if it will show the cuts up to the clips. just loosening up the screw and turning the clip around should be easy, but we'll have to see if it shows the edges of the cuts up to the clip.
well, i took the visor locking thingy off and it cannot flip as the screw screws into a hole in the roof itself. it looks like someone got the mold backwards on the lock and they just went ahead and put them in thinking no one would notice. But my visors come unlocked every time they're flipped down. Does anyone else have backwards visor locks where the visor is pushed away from the lock instead of the usual into it when flipped down? Am I the only one who has this problem or what?
1 - 5 of 12 Posts
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