floppy sun visors

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I've had the Fusion SE V6 two weeks and the sun visors will not stay locked in place when turning them down, they just flop out of the holder. Anyone else experiencing this problem? I would think that they could just replace the catch or lock instead of the whole visor. It just needs to be tighter between the two sides of plastic which lock the visor in place.
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I have noticed this, too. On mine, the driver sun visor does not appear to align properly with the indentation in the headliner which keeps it from staying "clicked" in place when not in use. Every time I use it and try to click it back in place I have to gently "push" it towards the drivers door to get it to fit. I plan on having the dealer look at it at my first service. BTW, I have an SE with the light stone interior. The passenger side seems fine. And I wish the had extenders on them like some other cars.
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