floppy sun visors

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I've had the Fusion SE V6 two weeks and the sun visors will not stay locked in place when turning them down, they just flop out of the holder. Anyone else experiencing this problem? I would think that they could just replace the catch or lock instead of the whole visor. It just needs to be tighter between the two sides of plastic which lock the visor in place.
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So the other night my wife and are out running a few errands. I have had my car for almost a year now with no rattles. As we are driving, I get this horribly loud rattle. I driving, holding the dash, console, instrument cluster, you name it. I finally stop the car, tear apart the radio trim thing and continue to drive. The rattle is still there. I figure oh well, I have a rattle and will just take it to the dealer. As I start to drive after putting the dash back together I think that maybe it is my old style remote for the garage. Nope, not it. I then figure out that the visor had come un-hooked.

The same thing happened to me. At first, I thought my Wife left them unhooked. Now I just push them back in the holders every time I get in the car. I guess I will wait for the fix. I still have 20,000 mile left.
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