Fixing Scratch

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I got a scratch on my passenger side front fender.  I think it happened when I parked too close to a curb.  Anyway, does anyone know a reliable, inexpensive way to heal this scratch?  I've never used rubbing compound before, but would something like that work?
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Here is a solution that will require a small amount of skill but being the are is small you should be able to manage.

1. Use razor blade to clean any of the burrs from the sides of the scratch (be very careful doing this a razor scrapper will do well)

2. Take touch up paint and brush into scratch (may take a couple coats to build up enough)

3. You now have the scratches covered, so get some fine sand paper and wet sand the touch up paint down to level it with the paint. (Be careful doing this so you do not remove alot of the surrounding paint) You can use masking tape to help with this part.

4. Once you have the touch up paint knocked down use a fine polishing compound to bring up a shine. Coat with wax and your done.

This whole process will take some time to accomplish but if done properly you will never be able to tell it was ever scratched.
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