Fixing Scratch

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I got a scratch on my passenger side front fender.  I think it happened when I parked too close to a curb.  Anyway, does anyone know a reliable, inexpensive way to heal this scratch?  I've never used rubbing compound before, but would something like that work?
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Confusion I agree, I have 2 small dents in my passenger door, a couple minor scratches and a mirror housing that broke as some idiot happened to channge lanes and hit my mirror with his mirror. Mine broke his didn't (S**T).

My estimate from the body shop is this:

Sheet metal work, 3.5 hours @ 50.00/hour = $175.00
Metal refinishing,   3.9 hours @ 50.00/hour = $195.00
Mirror housing                                            $32.91
Paint                                                        $85.80
Corrosion protection                                   $15.00
Hazardous waste removal                            $5.00

TOTAL                                                     $579.93 Canadian (14% tax here in Ontario)

My family has taken 5 cars to this body shop due to some idiot hitting us, I've NEVER had any mismatched paint, I could only imagine how mad that would make me!!!!!
I hope everything works out for you  :cheers:
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