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I notice some significant distortion in the rear view mirror (daylight use). Does anyone else have this problem? I intend to ask the dealer if such a problem would be a warranty issue - it's more annyoing than anything, when you look in the mirror and see a distorted view of following traffic - their position "moves" when you move your head due to the warping of the images.

My '03 Taurus has an autodim mirror and never had this problem. I would think Ford would replace the mirror under warranty - at least I hope so!
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Yeah, that gloss black trim has got to go! It scratches with even the softest towel and looks like crap in the sun.

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I have since cleaned my windows and still have no distortions, and I am always looking at the car.

the only problems I can complain about are the POS black trim pieces on the doors between the windows
that scratch way too damn easy.
Yeah, too bad the "chrome" is plastichrome and not the real thing. Hopefully it will hold up to the elements, but my experience with plastichrome has not been that great. I don't think I would want to black it out as I am not into the monochrome look (my car is black) but a quality aftermarket aluminum or chromed front end would look great, I think. I like the chrome accents on this car, in black, but not so much in the lighter colors. The silver almost looks too monotone for my tatest. I just have to remind myself that I paid less than $16k for my SEL I-4, but that was using my father's $1k Ford retirement rebate which he wasn't going to use anytime in the near future. I am happy that he was able to transfer it to me! Not sure about the tack-on pillar chromed accents. The 3M adhesive may be good, but after a couple of seasons in Michigan I can envision water and ice expanding the edges to the point that it looks "tacked on" and no longer sits flush with the stock trim. There is a LOT that Ford can do with this car. Hopefully the 2006 look is only the first step in a long run of a great car with a great look.
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