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MetalCord said:
At his age, making the kind of money he does working for relatives, an immature attitude should be expected. I don't know why I kept giving him the benefit of the doubt either. I don't think his attitude has much to do with any emotional state. I think he's a just a spoiled brat that has no urgent need to grow up anytime soon.
Bang on.

I find it really easy to just ignore him now that he stays pretty much in the lounge. I don't really think I ever "egged him on", I had a goal to run him off. And it sort of worked.

Since we're in a "private" setting here's the PM's that went back and forth:

untouchable said:
What is up with you? I mean you have something against me or what? What did I do to you? Dont be mad at me because Im a post whore.

This is a forum and everyone/anyone can say what they want. Are you mad because I make more money or something? Dont hate me man I didnt do shit to you.
blitz said:
You're right, anyone can post anything they want.

So back the fuck off, and I'm going to keep doing what I'm doing.
untouchable said:
Thats cool kiss my white rich ass *** boy.
Can we make Greg a custom: "I love cock" banner? was probably wrong of me to post that. :D

Still want me as a senior member? :D
1 - 7 of 75 Posts
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