Figured you guys should know.... *Update* Sneak peak avail.!

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So yeah....The Admins/Mods know about this but I thought I would share it with the retirement home....

About that Honda Civic of mine......

The story is mostly bogus. I was told by the d-ship that they either wanted a $10k down payment or a co-signer so I very quickly put them into check with that BS.

They managed to find me a car and I believe it's docking in Vancouver right about now. It's about 7 - 10 days away! :yay:

So all in all, I'm still getting a 3 people.

What can I say, I'm evil :twisted:

Should ruffle a few feathers *cough* untouch, diox, red raptor *cough* when I post my "PWNED - I just got my Mazda 3!" thread :crazy: .
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yeah, a few people are going to have conniptions, once they believe you.
Mostly BS? Whose Civic is that?

Glad to hear the truth! I can't WAIT for that thread!!!! :lol:

I thought that was messed up. Glad to hear you're just an ass, and not a sell out :D
^^^ Muwahahahaha well you can thank Dan for putting this naughty idea in my head :mrgreen: ....

The Civic is some dude's on car domain who's name is Jarret from BC :twisted: .
Yeah, but I always said you should have your car before you do it, so it'll only last a couple days
so when are u going to confess jared?

the ones who have kept your secert for a while are dying here :)
Frosty is going to get kicked in da nutts for sure now. :)
Good thing I didn't comment on the Civic. :boink:
^^^ Yeah very quickly brings out the jackasses of the forums.

Diana it appears the car is coming some time very close to April 1st so I'll let the cat out of the bag then.
Do us a favor...announce here before you plan on posting the "good news". I want to be ready to read the instant wave of shocked replies that is sure to come. :lol:

Yeah I'll definitely do that.

Dealer is lying as usual....when I ordered the car was told 2 weeks on March 9th + 14 days = March 23rd.... but now it looks like it's turning into 3 weeks.


Hey just a soon after you take the car do they take the first payment out of your bank account?
My first payment stub came in the mail. So they took it out after I sent the money in. Guess I don't really understand the question
I think he meant if you setup automatic billing when does it come out.

I set mine up and they offered several dates when I could make the payments due. Now I just pay it online every month.
My first payment was a full month after driving the car off the lot. It was extra sweet because I put 0% down. Free car for a month!
Hey Blitz, where'd you get the 8" "stubby"? I might like one of those instead of the real short ones.

I got it off ebay, here's a link to the seller:

I thought the 3.5" ones looked a little weird. This one looks like OEM should have.
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