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Not knowing the year cause you didn't say. I would look to see if there is a recall and don't hesitate to go to ford.
So I just started having the same issue today hoping someone had the solution.
the year to his is a 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid like mine. but for mine it said check Advancetrac and the yellow wrench also came up.
I just recently changed the Throttle Body due to that being an issue that would bring this problem up but it reappeared 1 month later. Even worse than before.
As Aeb30 says the brakes didn’t worked as they should. Mine had to bottom out to the floor and it would be a hard brake. There was brake fluid in the system and brake pads are fine. Don’t really know what could possibly happen even worst is that since it’s a Hybrid don’t have many people that could properly help me.
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