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Feasibility of a drivetrain swap...

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Wondering if anyone has any insight into a drivetrain swap from a 11 Fusion Hybrid to a 06 Mazdaspeed 6. While anything is possible was windering how much of a headache i am entering into should i choose this route. Found a 06 mazdaspeed 6 for my kids first car. The day it passed inspection and was to go on the road a connecting rod created a new hole in the block... Bought a different car and life goes on but this project has been sitting there and i dont want to scrap it, too nice. Been looking at 2.3 engines, also 2.5 swaps. Then found a 11 Fusion hybrid, wrecked but drivetrain is good. Got me thinking... which has also got me in trouble before lol.....
I understand the Fusion is FWD and the 6 AWD and that battery cabling will require interior removal. Beyond that will motor mounts line up? Will half shafts marry up with mazda front hubs? Or possibly change out front hubs. From my research motor mounts appear same however hubs and half shafts different.


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Thanks for your reply. As it turns out the fusion sold before i bought it. After some research I think it may have been possible. My plan was to swap mounts, engine, trans, half shafts and hubs up front. In the rear my plan was to remove the driveshaft, rear diff, half shafts and hubs while only replacing the hubs with non driven hubs. Both electrical harnesses including rear batteries, interior low and high voltage systems would be swapped. May need to fabricate mounting. Cluster appears similar however unsure if it would bolt into the mazda. Alternatively a dash swap should match the CD3 platform. Splicing in accessory components to the low voltage system shouldn't be a problem. Ignition system in cabin may require some engineering and fab work. By no means would this be a project for a diy however for an experieced tech I think it would be a interesting project car. Will keep you posted if I find a different car for a swap. Cheers
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