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What performance parts are available for the drivetrain of the Fusion/etc? Please post only the items below, and I will add them to this list. Do not discuss them here. Also, please make sure they're ACTUALLY available, or post if they're "coming soon."

Magnaflow Catback


CP-E Mazda6 Headers (will fit, but require switching to a Mazda6 oil pan)

Forced Induction:

JetChips 07 2.3L/Automatic or Manual #70716
JetChips 07 3.0L/Automatic or Manual #70717
JetChips 06 2.3L/Automatic or Manual #70606
JetChips 06 3.0L Automatic or Manual #70607

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we are working with BamaChips to finalize our Ford Fusion tune for the 3.0, and we will be moving to the 4 cylinder next. So far the results are suprising, we have been adapting BamaChips well developed mustang throttle specifications, with astounding results!

We are also about to start development of a CAI for the fusion 3.0, possibly with the use of an 80mm lightning MAF

And finally, we are in the testing stages for high performance brake pads and possibly and underdrive pulley.

We expect great things from the Fusion and hope you do as well!
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