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What performance parts are available for the drivetrain of the Fusion/etc? Please post only the items below, and I will add them to this list. Do not discuss them here. Also, please make sure they're ACTUALLY available, or post if they're "coming soon."

Magnaflow Catback


CP-E Mazda6 Headers (will fit, but require switching to a Mazda6 oil pan)

Forced Induction:

JetChips 07 2.3L/Automatic or Manual #70716
JetChips 07 3.0L/Automatic or Manual #70717
JetChips 06 2.3L/Automatic or Manual #70606
JetChips 06 3.0L Automatic or Manual #70607

K&N Filter
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K&N part numbers for 3.0

Year Model Engine Comment Product Type Part Number Description
2006 FUSION 3.0L V6 F/I All Air Filter 33-2340 NEW! Replacement Air Filter
2006 FUSION 3.0L V6 F/I All Oil Filter HP-2010 Oil Filter
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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