Factory iPod intergration

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My kit listed on the site for $260.00 comes with both part needed for the complete install.

Take your tunes on the road! Now you can integrate your iPod® into your vehicle’s audio system. Just plug your iPod into the dock connector, conveniently located in the glovebox or floor console bin, to listen to your iPod selection through the vehicle’s speakers. Users can navigate your iPod’s menu while their selection - album, artist, genre, song, podcast, audiobook, playlist, composer is displayed on the factory installed radio. Users have full search control at the radio, and most applications also allow the use of the redundant volume up/down and seek buttons on the steering wheel. TripTunes Advanced also charges your iPod. Compatible with 30-pin iPods. Currently not available on navigation radio systems. A wiring harness (7R3Z 14A411 AC) is required and sold separately. (For Vehicles Built On or After 12/04/06)
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Is the navigation of audio purely on the wheel controls and radio, or can I scroll through on the ipod wheel?
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Is the navigation of audio purely on the wheel controls and radio, or can I scroll through on the ipod wheel?

I have a call in to the guys at Ford Accessories division, I hope to have an answer later today.
I would like the answer to the same question please.
Ok, I just heard back that once you plug in the cable, all the controls are through the radio. But don't forget that you still get all the controls you had on the iPod including playlists and other things like that.

Bill – unfortunately, the controls on the iPod itself are disabled when it is plugged in to the TripTunes module, all controls work from the radio.

Beware that TripTunes Advanced will not work on Mustang models built before 12/6/2006.
So im not sure if i understood this. I have an 06 zephyr with navigation. Will the ipod intergration not work?
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