Extra Tube on Intake of V6?

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Just wondering if anyone has removed the extra plastic piece that hangs off the intake tube of the V6? If anyone has removed it what have you pluged the hole with?
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Cross Bolt is right, it's really called a Helholtz Resonator, there are two on the intake tract. One in the front left bumper which everyone has been removing to increase the air flow, and this one. Since there is no actual exposure to air it's just meant to control the intake pulse for sound control. However, you may want to investigate a little more before removing it, doing so may cause issues with the MAF sensor and cause idle quality problems due to the different harmonics coming from the throttle body. I ran into these same type of issues when I made my own cold air intake for my I4. There is no performance gain from removing it, but it sure is ugly. :cheers:
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